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Operations and ESG

Integrity is the core of everything we do.

As an Industrial Refrigeration business, we know how imperative it is for the future of our planet and our industry that we have a positive impact on the environment and in the communities we touch. We are actively taking on green initiatives in all aspects of our business to cultivate a sustainable mindset across the team, from Heat Pumps to Solar Panels. Statistically, approximately 10% of global carbon emissions come from energy use in cooling and refrigerant leaks, added to this, between 20-40% of total electricity use is accounted for by air conditioning and refrigeration, there is an industry responsibility to make positive change.

It is our responsibility to take ownership, ultimately, beyond just a moral obligation, it comes down to an organisation’s values. Integrity and Excellence are big pillars of our SURE values and the green investments back up our commitment to work with our core values. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, operating as efficiently as possible, and have worked with Liverpool John Moores University on research projects to understand the size of the opportunity.

SURE has been recognised both locally and nationally for our positive environmental impact and leading the charge for a greener future.

Solar panel installation at SURE Solutions
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Craig Shaw – Operations Director

Being part of the push towards Net Zero provides a greater sense of purpose and accountability across our business. We couldn’t offer energy-efficient design advice if we weren’t putting those measures in place ourselves, so we are continuing to measure, improve and invest in green technologies. This helps us be firmer in our decisions and that we show integrity, which means we do the right things. And, ultimately, we’re ensuring we are sustainably growing our business.

After investing in solar panels and heat pumps amongst other initiatives, we’re hopeful to continually improve and have a greater positive impact on the environment, our local communities and support other businesses in their transition.

Jessica Long – Operations Specialist & ESG Lead 

In my role as Operations Specialist & ESG Lead , I’ve been very keen to help the business develop its approach to sustainability. I have enjoyed engaging with external organisations such as Liverpool John Moores University to learn about how to measure our carbon footprint and quantify the impact of improvement projects. I now assess our impact quarterly and have regular conversations on improvement measures with the Operations Team.

I’ve also had the opportunity to engage with schools and have a positive impact in helping students learn about technical careers in STEM, as well as potential careers in the industrial refrigeration industry.

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Solar panel installation at SURE Solutions
Sharing environmental case study with BEIS
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Environmental Awareness training

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