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Our dedication to apprenticeships is shown through 11 committed and hardworking individuals, our dynamic apprentice team is thriving, and a number of them are already moving into exciting full-time positions at SURE. This accomplishment is especially rewarding because, thanks to our apprenticeship programme, we proudly took the 35th place among the top 50 SME employers in 2022. This shared journey is a prime example of our dedication to developing people, encouraging growth, and advancing careers. We continue to pave the road for success as our workforce grows and becomes more diverse, strengthening our position as the industry’s foremost proponent of apprenticeships.

Quality at SURE Solutions is more than simply a catchphrase; it is the cornerstone of all we do. We take great pride in highlighting the outstanding accomplishments of our talented apprentices. Our vision is to be the industrial refrigeration company of choice for customers to work with and for good people to work alongside.


Our company has had the pleasure of working with motivated individuals in a variety of sectors ever since we started our apprenticeship programme in 2018. Our apprentices have consistently shown their enthusiasm, commitment, and ability to exhibit leadership in a variety of fields, including business administration and digital routes as well as refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, and plumbing (RACHP) engineering.

The industry has had tremendous success with our apprentices.  Their devotion and hard work paid off when they were nominated for the prestigious “Apprentice of the Year” award at the RAC and ACR Awards. Not only that, but the praise continued. Securing the title of “Rising Star of the Future” at the Wirral Business Awards this was an incredible accomplishment for our trainees. This success serves as evidence of their extraordinary talent and commitment to their field. We don’t just offer apprenticeships; we provide you with a launchpad for your career.

ACR Awards
ACR Awards
Wirral Business Awards
Engineering apprentice being nominated for an apprenticeship award


Our bespoke design and installation of large-scale, complex, Ammonia and CO2 systems set the stage for a future filled with possibilities. In the realm of Industrial Refrigeration and Heating, our solutions go beyond installations – they’re revolutionising the industry. The Aquarius Project, one of our award-winning ventures, stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and sustainability.

The Project has been recognized with prestigious awards, highlighting its innovative approach and environmental impact. It’s a true embodiment of our dedication to pushing the boundaries of industry norms. By aiding our clients in decarbonizing their operations, we’re contributing to a greener and more sustainable world for generations to come.

A highly efficient solution was designed, installed, and commissioned providing a wide range of temperatures to service multiple energy users on-site. The operational conditions ranged from -43 degrees C up to +125 degrees with a capacity of 3 mega-watts of heating and cooling. The design utilised natural refrigerants where the main refrigeration plant was constructed to optimise its operational conditions. This reduced the site’s potential carbon footprint by almost 2000 kilograms of carbon dioxide per day.

Whether you’re seeking a transformative apprenticeship journey that offers mentorship, hands-on experience, and industry recognition, or you’re excited to work with award-winning refrigeration products like the Aquarius Project, your path begins at SURE Solutions.

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If you’d like to see more of the work we do, why not take a look at project Lazenby’s.

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